~This Week in Worship~


Our quote this week comes from pastor and blogger John Pavlovitz:
“Not everyone will make it through this day. Live it with urgency. Do something beautiful. Be the answer to a prayer.” Questions for reflection: What beautiful thing can I do for someone else today? What prayers might I answer in the process? How can understanding the true urgency of life on a daily basis strengthen my faith in God?

On this third Sunday of Advent, we continue with our sermon
series, “From Bethel to Bethlehem: Follow the Star.” Pastor Rachel will preach a sermon entitled, “Follow the Star: The Invisible Man.” David Oskandy will present our scripture reading,Matthew 1:18-25, as Joseph. Marcia Merritt will be our liturgist, and Jennifer Johnson will be Deacon of the Day.The children and youth of the church will present an Advent skit, directed by Ashley Adams, and light the Advent Candle of Love.Tina Heidrich and the Sanctuary Choir will
provide the music.

United Church of Christ