~This Week in Worship~

FroMinisterm Pastor Rachel
Today, tomorrow, or on any given day, God can use each of us to bless someone.” Reinaldo

From Pastor Rachel:
Our quote this week comes from the journal “Weavings“: “What if I welcomed the new, the different, with the same energy that I resist?” Questions for reflection: What changes in my life am I resisting? How can I open myself to something new? What fears come up for me when I consider what might change? How can I turn those fears into excitement for the future?

This Sunday is Book of Remembrance Sunday. Please join us for worship, when the names will be read of all those for whom gifts have been given to the Book of Remembrance and to the Whitcomb Music Fund.  Pastor Rachel will preach the first part of a two-part sermon, entitled “Re-Membrance,” based on Joshua 4:1-9, found on page 243 of the Hebrew Scriptures in the pew Bible.” Ashley Adams will offer the Children’s Message, and the Sanctuary Choir, directed by Tina Johns Heidrich, will sing. Marcia Merritt is the Deacon of the Day, and Nancy Northrop will be our lay reader.  Nancy Northrop is also hosting coffee hour.


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