Thank you for your support!

God provides for the ministry of our church through your tithes and offerings and your gifts are honored with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and accountability.  It’s more than keeping the lights on and the gears turning; it’s about personal worship to God and handing Him back what He already owns…and it’s about lives changing through the transformative power of the Gospel in our region and beyond.

Other ways to give

Be a volunteer.  Can you spend a little extra time and help somebody out?  Maybe volunteer at the local soup kitchen or become active in the community health network?  We need volunteers, like you, to lend a hand and make a difference!



Work around the Church.  How can you help?  We're glad you asked.  There are many ways that you can participate within our church community.  It's all about some really cool people steppin'-up and pitchin'-in.  And...there's plenty to go around!


Thank you for partnering and investing in the ministry of Our Church and in our community as well as giving to further God’s Kingdom!