Sunday School News

Starting with December, we have been teaching about Jesus and the Biblical characters of the New Testament which we will continue until the end of our church school year (6/11/23).  We will not hold Sunday School on the first Sunday of each month, which is Family Communion.  On Sunday 2/26 we discussed Jesus' greatest two Commandments (Matt. 22:34-46) which is "Love the Lord with all your Heart, Mind and Soul" and "Love your neighbor as yourself."  We also discussed the parable about the rich man who couldn't give up his possessions (Matt. 19:16-30).  We wanted to teach the children how they can share with others through charity.  We decorated some boxes with hearts which will hold donations of clothing and non-perishable foods.  Children may bring their donations to the Sunday School room where the boxes will be kept.


Following the March 5th Family Communion Sunday, Sunday School resumes on 3/12/23.  We will continue to teach Jesus' teachings, his parables, his healings and his miracles.


Sunday School Superintendents David Oskandy and Sharon Wu